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Natalia Tretyakova received a $342,947 NIH grant for her project, "DNA Cross-Linking By Diepoxybutane."

The Research Exemplar Project aims to identify the practices that exemplars use to lead and manage their research labs with professionalism and integrity.  Read more


Vadim Gurvich received funding for his project, "Support for NCATS Drug Substance Development and Manufacture."

Gunda Georg and ITDD are featured in the Inquiry story, "Bringi

Dr. Peter Dosa has received a $190,625 NIH award for his project, "A pharmacological screen for inactivating antagonists."

The University of Minnesota will join a team of academic institutions, private companies, governmental entities and non-profit organizations across the U.S.

Jon Hawkinson, director of the ITDD High-throughput Screening Laboratory, received a $343,887 NIH shared instrumentation award for the plasmon resonance (SPR) instrument, which will allow researchers at the U of M to directly determine the affinity ofantibodies and small molecule probes and drugs for receptors, and to measure protein-protein interactions.

Vadim Gurvich, ITDD Associate Director, received $68,400 for his part of an R01 project, "Toward a Mechanism-Based Approach to Treating Atrial Fibrillation."

Dr. Gurvich will provide chemistry support to collaborators at Vanderbilt conducting pre-clinical and clinical studies.

The College of Pharmacy's 2014 annual report highlights associate program director Peter Dosa's research in "The Quest to Halt Vision Loss and Blindness." Dosa is working with other University researchers, including university professors Vadim Gurvich and Raj Suryanarayanan and Mayo Clinic professor Michael Fautsch, to find new medication options for those affected by glaucoma.