• Dr. Gunda Georg

    A new drug for pancreatic cancer takes the stage for clinical trials

    What does it take to get to that moment in a clinic when a doctor gives a patient a compound never before used in modern medicine? The story of Minnelide, an investigational drug for pancreatic cancer patients now in a Phase IA clinical trial at the University of Minnesota, illustrates just how complex and exhilarating that journey can be.

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  • Gunda George

    Gamechanger: Gunda Georg

    Gunda Georg is an esteemed researcher and professor who has made a tremendous impact in the field of synthetic medicinal chemistry.

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    Gunda Georg Inducted into the Academy for Excellence in Health Research

    The Academy for Excellence in Health Research is the highest recognition of excellence in research by Academic Health Center faculty

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  • Gunda Georg, and Vadim JGurvich

    Welcome to the Institute for Therapeutics Discovery & Development

    ITDD creates opportunities for drug discovery and early pre-clinical drug development through collaborations between various schools, colleges and research centers, as well as industrial throughout Minnesota and nationwide.

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  • pills

    Hormone-Free Birth Control Research Advances

    Researchers will investigate pharmaceutical alternatives to existing hormone-based birth control under a new $8.3M NIH contract.

 The Journal of Medicinal Chemistry

The Journal of Medicinal Chemistry publishes studies that contribute to an understanding of the relationship between molecular structure and biological activity or mode of action.

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Natalia Tretyakova receives NIH grant

Natalia Tretyakova received a $342,947 NIH grant for her project, "DNA Cross-Linking By Diepoxybutane."

Dr. Georg selected as a STEM Research Exemplar

The Research Exemplar Project aims to identify the practices that exemplars use to lead and manage their research labs with professionalism and integrity. 


Dr. Vadim Gurvich Receives Project Funding

Vadim Gurvich received funding for his project, "Support for NCATS Drug Substance Development and Manufacture."

Gunda GeorgGunda I. Georg, PhD

Director, Institute for Therapeutics Discovery and Development
Professor and Department Head, Department of Medicinal Chemistry; Robert Vince Endowed Chair; McKnight Presidential Chair

Dr. Georg’s expertise includes synthetic medicinal agents, natural products chemistry, and the development of new synthetic methods. She is the co-inventor of Lusedra® and several other drug candidates, as well as the co-founder of ProQuest Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (now a part of Eisai Pharmaceuticals). The ITDD core directors have extensive academic and industrial drug discovery and development expertise. The group uses advanced research and development techniques, including high through-put screening, structure-based drug design, computer modeling, chem- and bioinformatics methods, and animal models to translate basic biomedical discoveries towards new approaches for prevention, treatment, and cures

Vadim GurvichVadim J. Gurvich, PhD, MBA

Associate Director, Institute for Therapeutics Discovery and Development
Director, Chemical Process Development Core

Michael WaltersMichael A. Walters, PhD

Director, Lead and Probe Discovery Core
Institute for Therapeutics Discovery and Development